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Avis de Eric

Super. Merci à Stéphane qui m'a généreusement donné une centaine de vers.

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Beware of high temperatures!

After a winter that has overflowed on the spring, the summer heat arrives ..... But, ... the worms do not like the heat (ideal temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C). The ideal location is always indoors (in a temperate place, ...). If you have no choice but to place...

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Lastest users comments :

Avis du 08 juillet 2018
Nobody has sent me worms to star with the vermicomposter.
Avis du 28 juin 2018
Very interresting contact, also taught me how proceed do with vermicomposter.
Avis du 10 février 2018
Absolutely fantastic idea and community.
Avis du 23 octobre 2017
Really useful site. Quick response from users, all very helpful. The worms are now working hard at their new home. Thanks a lot!

How does Plus2vers work ?

Plus2vers is a network for worms donors and advice

Thanks to the donors map, find a donor near to you, and connect with him using the contact form.

The donor will receive an e-mail with your message. He will answer your request directly.

The users are then contacted with a pool to know about the good start of the worm-composting. They are encouraging to become donors if everything is going well with their worm composting, and they are invited to make a donation to support Plus2vers.

Plus2vers is a resources website

In the “Ressources aera” : Operation, worms menu, different models sold or to be made at home, …

Plus2vers gives you all the information to have a good start with a worm composting container.



He is the leader and developer of Plus2vers
He works for the association “Les Boîtes Vertes” as an expert in pollution and waste prevention, and as a specialist in worm composting.

He arranges regular animations in schools, general public, and initiations and formations in worm composting.

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