Worm composting (or vermicomposting) is transforming your kitchen waste (peelings, leftovers, coffee, …) indoors.

Worms and other organisms produce a quality amendment, clean and odorless, and help you reduce your ecological footprint (- 35 kg of waste / person / year).

How does it work

Everything you always wanted to know about worm composting… but were afraid to ask …


Start your vermicomposter properly

The worms MENU

Feed the worms …

Add a tray

When and how adding a tray

Possible problems, solutions

Why some inconvenience can happen ???

And especially how to avoid them and / or correct them!

Worm species for vermicomposting

A brief presentation of the different species used around the world

Collect worms

Methods to capture worms

Do it yourself

For the DIYers …

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