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What is Plus 2 Vers?

Plus 2 Vers is a 100% free self-help platform to easily start vermicomposting by finding worms and advice near your home. The site is managed by the association Les Boîtes Vertes.

The goal of Plus 2 Vers is to help people get started with their vermicomposters. It provides information about vermicomposting and equipment. Users contact the donors on the map to meet them and get worms.

Plus 2 Vers has already helped 57057 people find worms for their vermicomposters.

The worms exchanged with the site recycle 9 717 kg/day of bio-waste into natural resources through vermicomposting.



I am the animator and creator of Plus 2 Vers. I work for the association Les Boîtes Vertes as an expert in pollution, waste prevention and vermicomposting.

You might meet me during an animation or during a worms donation near Nantes, in France.

9.4 / 10

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Plus 2 Vers is a network of worms and tips donors

With the donor map, look for a person near you and contact them by filling out the form. The donor will then receive an e-mail with your message. He or she will respond directly to you.

2102 worm donors are registered on Plus 2 Vers

Plus 2 Vers is a resource site

A whole “Resources” space to discover the functioning, the menu of the worms, the various models sold or to make oneself, a forum of mutual aid, supports of sensitizing.

Plus 2 Vers provides all the information you need to start a vermicomposting system.

How does it work ?

Users who have requested worms are contacted a few days later to monitor the success of their vermicomposters and to evaluate their use of the site. They are then encouraged to become a worm donor when their vermicomposting unit has started up well.
We also invite users to make a donation to support Plus 2 Vers. The site could not function without this generosity and investment from the community.

My Positive Impact Awards Public Prize in 2017

The “My Positive Impact” Trophies are an initiative of the National Union of CPIEs (Centres Permanents d’Initiatives pour l’Environnement) and the Foundation for Nature and Man, created by Nicolas Hulot.

We won the Public Prize in the “Associations” category for our Plus 2 Vers project.

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