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Plus 2 Vers is a mutual assistance website to easily begin a worm composting solution.

Plus 2 Vers is managed and animated by the french association Les Boîtes Vertes, considered as community service.

Except user donations, the association has no other revenues (No subventions, no advertising, …).

If you like the support platform, make a donation to support Plus 2 Vers!

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User evaluation of the last 2 months :

8.7/10 !

You love Plus 2 Vers !

Plus 2 Vers only works by the donations of the users and the own funds of the association.

Help Les Boîtes Vertes to make Plus 2 Vers work and improve by donating!

How are donations used?

The maintenance, the improvements and the animation of Plus 2 Vers represent very important loads for the association Les Boîtes vertes.
The association does not receive any subsidies for the maintenance or animation of the site.
User donations cover only a small part of the financial burden.

For Plus 2 Vers to continue developing wormcomposting, we need your help!

Help Les Boîtes Vertes to maintain a 100% free service!

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