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All the information to understand vermicomposting

To fully understand vermicomposting, you must first have the right information. A vermicompost bin is above all an ecosystem rich in living organisms. Understanding vermicomposting therefore means understanding the functioning of this particular ecosystem.

A little reminder is always useful. You will thus understand the daily operation, the advice but also information on worms and other bugs of vermicomposters.


What is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is the transformation of kitchen waste (peelings, leftovers, coffee …) by the action of worms and other organisms in the same ecosystem. It is an indoor process!

Worms and other organisms produce a quality amendment, cleanly and odorless. In addition, they help you reduce your ecological footprint (less 35 kg of waste per person per year).

Basic information

Understanding how vermicomposting works is essential before getting started.

comprendre lombricompostage


Everything you always wanted to know about vermicomposting without ever daring to ask

informations démarrage lombricomposteur


How to properly start your vermicompost ?

matériel pour lombricompostage


A comparison of vermicomposters, tutorials and many other surprises!

Vermicomposting every day

You have understood the basic information on vermicomposting. Now let’s see how it goes everyday.

comprendre menu lombrics

Worms MENU

How to feed worms for good vermicompost

explications ajout plateau

Add a tray

When and how to add a tray

lombricompostage questions

Solutions to problems

Why it happens and especially how to correct and avoid it!

Tips about vermicomposting!

If you have read the parts suggested above, you have generally understood how it works. Now here is more specific information and advice, because vermicomposting is sometimes not as simple as it sounds.

Information about worms

informations espèces de vers

Vermicomposting worm species

A brief presentation of the species used around the world

comprendre les vers

Collect or capture worms

Techniques for harvesting or capturing worms

informations images lombricompostage

Images of the different animals and insects of our vermicomposters

To admire the beauty of life, or recognize the organisms you might come across one day

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