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Plus 2 Vers donors have a vermicompost bin that is teeming with composting worms. They can give you part of the ecosystem. You can then start vermicomposting with all the right organisms! Plus, they’ll share their tips with you. And it’s free!


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How the applications work

Donors have a vermicomposter or composter that is teeming with composting worms. By harvesting a portion of their ecosystem, you can start your vermicompost bin.

  1. Find donors by locating above
  2. Click on the name of the selected person
  3. Fill out the application form.

The donor will receive your request directly by email and will answer you as soon as possible.
You will be given an appointment to get your composting worms and advice on vermicomposting!

The donors are volunteers. Thank you for respecting their commitment and complying with the agreed time slots for appointments, informing them in case of change…

Do I have to register? Do I have to pay?

You don’t need to register and the Plus 2 Vers platform is totally free.

You will receive several messages from us for the follow-up of the good functioning (survey, become a worm donor, support the association…).

Your data are neither sold nor given to any third party and are under the responsibility of the association Les Boîtes Vertes.

Who are the composting worm donations for?

Composting worms are donated primarily to start vermicomposters.

If you want to add worms to your garden composter in hopes of improving the process, first check to see if they are completely absent. If you see any (even a few), there is no need to add them. If not, first make sure that the conditions are favorable to them (humidity, aeration, temperatures). They should then arrive by themselves because they are naturally present in the soil.

Latest user reviews:

Avis de Dave

I’m a donator but keep receiving surveys for searching for worm, I have received a request for worms maybe there should be a survey for that?

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