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worm donors

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All donors are volunteers.

Please kindly respect their engagement by showing up on time to meet-ups, informing them in case of changes, …

Worm donations are, first of all, design for start vermicomposting.

If you wish to add worms to your garden composter to improve the composting process, first ensure that your composter is free of worms.
If you see some worms, there is no reason to add more. Otherwise, adding several dozen worms (unscattered) could improve decomposition.

How does Plus 2 Vers work?

Once you fill out the contact information form (click on a marker and then on the name of the donor), the donor will receive an e-mail. He/she will then reply to you directly.

If you do not receive a reply, remember to check your spam inbox!

Do not hesitate to contact several donors. Some of them receive many requests and as a result are unable to donate worms to each and every one. Donors can deactivate their account in order not to be contacted, however not all of them use this function. By contacting several donors, you will increase your chances of finding your precious worms.

When you receive a reply from a donor, kindly confirm whether or not you still need its donation, so that he/she can offer its worms to others if you no longer need them.

You will be contacted for a short survey (20 days after your last donation request) so that we can follow-up on the website’s performance (to ask if you received replies, if you were able to start vermicomposting…)

You will be contacted 6 months after your last donation request in order for you to become a worm donor.

This will leave you plenty of time to properly start your vermicomposter before being able to donate worms yourself.

You will also be contacted to make a donation, in order to help the association managing Plus 2 Vers.

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