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Avis du 23 octobre 2017

Really useful site. Quick response from users, all very helpful. The worms are now working hard at their new home. Thanks a lot!


Beware of high temperatures!

After a winter that has overflowed on the spring, the summer heat arrives ..... But, ... the worms do not like the heat (ideal temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C). The ideal location is always indoors (in a temperate place, ...). If you have no choice but to place...

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Plus2vers becomes international !

Plus2vers is now available in English! As expected, the latest improvements included the ability to upgrade Plus2vers to multilingual. Members of the network have contributed immensely to translate the content. Now, the whole site (or almost) is translated and...

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Beware of hot weather!

Worms do not like heat (ideal temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C). Install the vermicomposter in the shade! If the temperatures reach more than 30 °, reduce the contributions of waste (which tend to heat up even more), if the temperatures reach 35 ° C do...

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