Beware of hot weather!

Worms do not like heat (ideal temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C).

Install the vermicomposter in the shade!

If the temperatures reach more than 30 °, reduce the contributions of waste (which tend to heat up even more), if the temperatures reach 35 ° C do not give any more, you can even remove the waste not yet consumed, that will avoid that they do not rot or ferment.

Continue adding cardboard and crushed egg shells.

Prepare a “refuge zone”: the worms will seek freshness.

Put a damp cloth in the juice container (previously emptied). The worms will look for freshness while staying in a humid environment.

You can refresh your vermicomposter by opening the lid (which holds the heat inside).

Be careful if you place an ice bun on top of the moisture mat, there will be a lot of condensation, so extra moisture to manage by adding cardboard and regularly replacing the moisture carpet to dry.


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