Build a wormcomposter

Here are some examples of home-made vermicomposters.

The principle is to superpose containers strong enough to be drilled so that organisms can pass easily between floors. So choose well the bins you will use.

To know :

  • Before choosing a model, it is important to size the bins according to the waste production.
    It will take a useful volume (volume of all bins filled with compost) of about 10 liters per person (estimate not accurate because the volume of waste will also depend on the number of prepared meals, how to consume vegetables, .. .), or for example, for 2 people, provide 3 trays of 10 liters minimum …
  • If the bins are too small, you will need to add a lot, which is not practical, if they are too big, you will not fill the bins and the management of the system may cause problems.
  • When piling up, bins should not leave large spaces through which midges might pass.
  • Keep in mind that humidity, aeration, temperatures must be maintained in equilibrium.

Vermicomposters in plastic bins

Tips: It is better to choose “Euro standard” bins: they fit perfectly and exist in a wide choice of sizes, are very solid, …

If you have bins with “open handles”, it will be necessary to “grill” to prevent midges from coming without damaging the ventilation.

Trays, once full of waste and / or compost will weigh quite heavy. The larger the model, the higher the weight of the bins.
It will not be necessary to oversize the volume of the bins chosen to avoid problems (backs, bins that break, …).
Bins with a height of about 15 cm are the most suitable for bins with worms.
The height of the juice bin will be different if you put a tap or not. Indeed, it sometimes takes a minimum height to the tank to be able to properly adapt a valve.
Without a tap, you are free to choose the height you want, but you need a juice bin not drilled in the bottom !

Nothing beats a small video!

The author of the video presents an example of his realization, and how he made it.

A variant of the system presented above. The principle obviously remaining the same!

Vermicomposters in frigolite trays (polystyrene trays)

These bins can be recovered free from fishmongers, collective kitchens, …
It is necessary to recover bins of the same dimensions (that seems obvious) with the lids!

The videos below show 2 manufacturing variants from frigolite bins.

By Worgamic association

Seen on TVvendée

In this video, the data on vermicomposting is not accurate, but it does not detract from the manufacturing method

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