Donors of worms from all countries, let’s unite!

As you may have noticed, there are few or no worm donors in your country.
Yet there are people all over the world who are worm composting. And all these people can give worms and advice to help others get started.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that when you have a worm compost bin, you want to help other people get started, because it’s so easy, natural and effective.
And it is precisely to help other people find worms and the right information about worm composting that I created Plus 2 Vers in 2012.

The platform connects “worm donors” with people who are looking for worms to start their worm compost bin. An interactive map allows you to locate donors near you and to contact them quickly. Tips are published on how to make the most of your worm compost bin.
And it’s totally free. Plus 2 Vers is based on solidarity and generosity: universal values. And it works very well! (read more)

Plus 2 Vers is now available in English, Spanish, German and Italian in addition to French. It is now necessary for people to sign up to give worms.

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So if you have a worm compost bin or know people around you who do, you can simply donate some of your worms (which will reproduce) and your great tips to help others.

So sign up as a worm donor

As a worm donor, you will receive requests directly by email. Your details remain secret on Plus 2 Vers. You can deactivate your account at any time to avoid being contacted. You set an automatic reactivation date yourself. A donor guide reminds you of the essential tips to pass on and gives you information about worm donations.

It’s simple, fast and you’ll be helping others recycle their waste.

What are you waiting for to sign up as a worm donor?

Also, any help with translation and proofreading of the site’s content is welcome. See more

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Do not miss the good tips and discover all that Plus 2 Vers can offer you!


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