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This topic is there to help you use Plus2vers and to solve problems that some users encounter.

If you have other questions that do not appear in the list below, … don’t hesitate to ask!

About Plus 2 Vers

Is it really free?

Yes it is ! Plus 2 Vers is free to help as many people as possible to start vermicomposting.

Because worms are animals, and we think they do not belong to anyone.
We are simply taking advantage of their ability to transform our waste! It’s like a common good, as much as it’s free!

But how is Plus2vers financed?
The site is managed by the association Les Boîtes Vertes which supports the financial expenses for its animation, its improvements, …
The association Les Boîtes Vertes does not benefit from any other source of funding other than user donations (which cover only a small part of the expenses). Funding comes from the association’s own funds resulting from services (coordination of projects, events, etc.).

To support Plus2vers, it’s here!

Do we have to register to get some worms?
No need to register on the site to apply for worms! Open the map, find out your closest donor and click on the pointer. There you will have all the information you need about the donor. Click on the name and an application form will open. Fill it in and once it’s validated, the donor will receive the request in his/ her mailbox! Registration is only required to be referenced as a “worm donor”.

About worms

Is there a guide to start vermicomposting?
Here is the Plus2Vers link to « How to get a vermicomposter started ».
You will find a user manual illustrated with images and the most important points to respect.

There is a special page that tells you what kind of food you can give them or not.

Find all this information in the Resources area of the site!

On the site, you also have the opportunity to read the visitors’ questions as well as the answers I am trying to give.

What quantity of worms should be given to start a vermicompost ?

When you are registered as a donor of worms, you have access to your profile page (bottom left button) in the Donor Guide which tells you the minimum amount of worms to give. You will also find all kinds of advice for the people who start vermicomposting (the food, the rhythm…).

To sum it up : the more worms and litter you give, the better it will be for a good start

Can I add worms to my garden composter?
Even though worms used in vermicomposting and those in garden composters are the same, there is no point in adding them to a garden composter.

In a garden compost, worms and other organisms come from the ground and return to it when the conditions do not suit them.

If there are no worms in your composter, it’s because the conditions do not suit them. So adding any worms would be useless because they would just bury themselves into the ground.

If there are already some worms in your garden compost, they reproduce themselves at their own rhythm. So it’s not worth adding any.

About your profile

I can not login / reset my password
If the password doesn’t work when you get connected, click on ‘Forgot your password’ to get a reset.
A sending confirmation message will appear and you will receive a message with your new password in your mailbox.

If the link doesn’t seem to be working, it means that the browser you’re using does not “understand” the command and needs an update to take advantage of recent features and encodings of optimized sites.


Update your browser (option, …)

Use another browser (up to date): if you use SAFARI, try with FireFox or Chrome, etc., …

The problem is solved simply with an update.

If the problem persists, you can send a message to Plus2vers (“Contact” section) indicating details such as the URL, the browser, its version, ….

I can't pause my account
To “pause” your account, ie block the display of the contact form, so you can not be contacted, on your profile page, check the box and then indicate a date of reactivation, either with the widget, or by entering the date manually in the format: YYYY-MM-DD (or DD / MM / YYY if this format does not work …).

Do not forget to click on “Save my profile” before leaving the page.

You will be informed by email 1 week before scheduled reactivation!

Your question or problem does not appear above?

Do not hesitate to submit it directly to us, we will answer you and include it in the FAQ if necessary!

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