The worms MENU

What should you feed the worms in your vermicomposter? Here’s the menu you need to follow (more or less) to ensure that your favourite animals enjoy their daily feast.

Bear in mind that a vermicomposter is an ecosystem that needs to be looked after.

The basics of the Compost Worms Menu :

  • Always bring brown cardboard, egg carton, paper towel rolls and toilet paper, paper … with your waste. This represents an important volume …
    It will tear this paper / card into small pieces.
    At least the same volume of cardboard / paper as waste.
    The more cardboard, the better! (there is never too much cardboard)
  • The waste must be cut into small pieces for easy composting, otherwise they may not degrade properly and could ferment what is harmful to the worms.
  • To regulate the acidity of the environment, put crushed eggshells (with a mortar or a mixer for example), or else, there are limed mixtures sold especially for that.
worms menu : calboard
eggs for the worms menu

What can we put :

  • fruit and vegetables (peelings or leftovers), raw or cooked,
  • coffee grounds and filters,
  • crushed eggshells,
  • crushed shells,
  • flour (in small quantity),
  • bread, pasta, rice, biscuits (in small quantity),
  • wheat fiber
  • tea, herbal teas, infusions (with the sachet),
  • other plants, flowers, …

Always cut into small pieces this waste and add paper, cardboard, eggshell powder.

What we must never put:

  • meat,
  • fish,
  • sauces,

What we must not put the first year:

  • onion,
  • garlic,
  • citrus (acidic and antibacterial).

Some waste will take longer to decompose than others (peelings of potatoes, artichokes, …).

Don’t worry, if they are still there when you get the compost from the last tray, you will only have to put them back in the top tray for a free trip!

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